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How it Works

IMPORTANT! Do not forget about blockchain fee ! You should have 20-40 TRX more on your wallet, or your transaction will get out of energy status! Minimum contribution amount 1200 TRX We are working only with: TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency Your contribution will be activated after 1 confirmation in blockchain Withdrawable rewards come instantly to your secure wallet balance’, which is accessible only to You.

Get Tron (TRX)

You can easily acquire TRX from the most popular platforms. After allocate TRX, you can transfer it to your personal wallet, and then transfer it to Tron Thunder Wallet.

Start Earning

Congratulations. You have joined the unique world of Tron Thunder. You can find all your personal information on the Statistics page and you can withdraw your TRX once you have a minimum of 100TRX in the wallet.

Get registered

Click on your sponsor referral link they provide and Choose the TRX package amount you desire in RUBY: 1200 TRX then Send Trx to given Wallet Address.


About Tron Thunder

Tron Thunder is a global new generation community program and the first ever smart formula of its kind in the blockchain of Tron cryptocurrency. It is a software algorithm performing the function of a distribution of the affiliate commissions between community members and the observance of certain conditions (the marketing plan). The code is in the public domain. Transaction information can be viewed at the link


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Pricing and values

Starting time :

July 16, 2021 (WEDNESDAY 7:00 AM)

Ending time :

July 15, 2022 (THURSDAY 7:00 AM)

Total Supply :


Low - High 24h :

$ 0.001 - $ 0.001








Token Sale Proceeds

  • Tron Thunder Community
  • Public Sale
  • Operational Overhead

Tron Thunder Token

We are unstoppable-community

Our Core Team

Professional Experts

We are proud of our Founder Mr JP Rademeyer. He is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic founders we have, and is always ready and willing to help out where needed.


Mr.Jean Pierre Rademeyer

Hi, my name is JP Rademeyer. I am an active Crypto network marketer & leader since 2015.

I have helped to develop many projects in the past and even developed a few myself here in South Africa that were very successfull.

Personally I have been in the I.T space for over 23 years.

I started at 11 years old when I built my first computer from 4 broken PC’s my dad gave left in my room when he needed to work on his own PC.

Since then I was hooked to technology and started working part time after school and weekends for our family business South Coast Web designing Graphics & Developing Portfolio websites @ 14 years old.

During the years I have attained vast experience and knowledge in PC Support, HTML, PHP, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator & Video animation.

South Coast Web has evolved into a team of over 50 Designers ranging from Programmers to Graphics Designers.

For the past 4 years, I have been very actively involved in cryptocurrency based systems and currencies and even developed a few myself including my own company Game2give & now TRON THUNDER.

I specialize in Network Marketing and have introduced literally thousands of people to various systems earning some of them millions of dollars in cryptocurrency.

My latest project is TRON THUNDER.(TTT)

And im super excited about TRON THUNDER as we have created a secret tool that can turn members into millionairs.

TRON THUNDER is has a really unique Algorithm performing the function of distributing the affilaite commisions between members meaning its completely for the people by the people program. My TEAM of developers including myself ofcourse have found all the potential mistakes and situations that make traditional MLM companies collapse and rectified it with our unique structure and compensation plan.

Thank You.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

Cryptocurrency is a form of payment that can be exchanged online for goods and services. Many companies have issued their own currencies, often called tokens, and these can be traded specifically for the good or service that the company provides. Think of them as you would arcade tokens or casino chips. You’ll need to exchange real currency for the cryptocurrency to access the good or service.
Tron Thunder is a global new generation community platform and the first ever smart formula of its kind in the blockchain of Tron cryptocurrency. It is a software algorithm performing the function of a distribution of the affiliate commissions between community members and the observance of certain conditions (the marketing plan).
Tron Thunder platform is created keeping in mind public interest and does not have a Manager/Ceo/Owner) .there is only creator of this platform, This platform is Semi decentralized (i.e. it has no company, no leaders, ) Only Creator is there and system can be changed or improve at any time.
All commissions are paid in TRX directly to the members personal TRX wallet, you will never have to wait on a commission payment as its paid directly to you.( Min.100 TRX withdrawal )
Tron Thunder is risk free ! There is no company, no admin, it is a 99% self-operating system located on the blockchain that cannot be changed or destroyed. It is enough to invite 5 people to immediately recoup the initial cost of participation in the project. After withdrawal requests has been submitted 50% will be transferred directly into your personal wallet. The balance will be used to automatically participate back into the community by automatic upgrading your package. There are no hidden fees and without third-party resources. You can feel safe knowing that Tron Thunder will not go away.
Basic personal information is required to participate in this project so that your upline can contact you to explain how to benefit most out of the system. We will also be using your information to provide you correspondence in the future.
You are required to have your sponsor’s UserId to register on TRON THUNDER. Then purchase a min Bronze package to be entered into the community downline and start earning community rewards without recruiting. By using your own referral link supplied on your dashboard you can build yourself a strong Unilevel downline and earn commissions based on the packages your direct referrals purchase.
Community Reward is totally depend on community people who joined before you and after you ,You can earn 1% community reward on your 20 upline and 20 downline, system distribute 40% Tron’s in community reward. in Referral Reward – you will earn 20% of direct referrals where you have taken a position yourself. and you will earn more 40% in next 7 referral levels who comes under your direct referrals. (Total 100% distribution )
There are total 40 levels in Community reward and 7 levels in referral reward.
Yes, you can upgrade your package at any time you wish to, by simply logging into your back office and selecting the package you wish to upgrade to.
In Tron thunder your entire downline including directs, in directs follow you at all times in every step of calculation. You will pass up a commission to your upline and downline, if you are not active on a package that generates a sale. However, once you become active on that level you will get paid for any further sales that take place from that point onwards.
There is no guarantee of earnings without effort. Just like any legitimate business it requires effort to earn. There is a very fair opportunity for receiving community reward, but the more people you refer, and the more team members you help, the more you will earn.
No, Community Reward platforms are arranged in such a way that all participants help each other. You will receive up to 40% Community Rewards from spill and overflow from all uplines and downlines in the community platform. However, to make a lot of money doing nothing will not work. You have to initially try and help people build their teams and once they are on autopilot you will earn passively. The more active you are initially will determine how quickly you will reach this auto earning mode.
No, once your account is created it can never be removed or destroyed.
You can genuinely earn UNLIMITED TRX in this business. The more people you refer, and the more people you assist with growing their business, the higher your income potential.
















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Tron Thunder is a global new generation Crypto Token platform with the first ever smart formula of its kind in the Tron Blockchain.

We request you to download the following given pdf to know more information about this project.

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